NEWS 2016

Prijon is a very innovative company and has developed several new products for 2016. For 2017 we are already developing a lot of new products, too! They will be presented on the Paddleexpo in october. Here's an overview about all our innovations for 2016:



Marlin LV Carbon-Aramide - our superlight premium kayak is now also available in Carbon-Aramide construction. Both positive features of these material combined to a 15,4 kg lightweight touring kayak - of course Made in Germany.
















ENDURO 380 - the small brother of the 450. Shorter and more agile! A full-equipped touring kayak focussing on rivers.
















ENDURO 450 - The kayak you have been waiting for! An allrounder based on a Touring kayak. For lakes and rivers up to whitewater class 2.





CustomLine CL 470 RELAX - An open double-seater, perfect for families and the rental. Stable and easy to paddle at a favorable price!






CustomLine CL 430 - The former Cruiser 430 will be integrated in the CustomLine. The outfitting will be adapted to the CL-standards.





MARLIN LV - Thanks to an increased amount of carbon and an enlarged sandwhich the weight is again reduced to 14,4 kg!






MILLENIUM EVO - A facelift with a new, modern design of the deck including lighter PE-covers and a heightened cockpit.




The spraydecks Touring Basic and Touring Special are also available in the size 92 – 96 cm for cockpit size 4.






Paddle BORINO - Thanks to the low weight and the slim blades it is an ideal paddle for women and smaller paddlers.





Further Information:


The models ENDURO 450, Seayak, Seayak 500 and 520, Touryak 500 as well as Poseidon and Kodiak are equipped with the 3-D thigh brace.


The whitewater kayaks FORTE and PURE S are only available as ACTIVE-version. All ACTIVE-whitewater kayaks include all the grips and brackets, which are also mounted on PRO-versions.