NEWS 2017

Prijon is a very innovative company and has developed several new products for 2017. Here's an overview about all our innovations for 2017:




SkegYak - An absolute novelty from Prijon – a classic-british designed seakayak with SKEG! The heavy rocker offers you loads of fun while surfing. Thanks to the SKEG the SkegYak always tracks well! 
















PriLite MARLIN LV - From 2017 available in our unique PriLite material! A smart an robust kayak for light and middle-weighted paddlers. In PriLite the Marlin LV is elegant and fast. Especially the metallic-effect of the colors white, green and orange is a highlight!
















CURVE CREEK 3.5 - Completing the CURVE-line in 2017, the high-volume modell  „CURVE CREEK 3.5“. An agressively designed, fast and agile creeker with excellent resurfacing qualities. Made for heavy whitewater and extreme-races. 















ARMERLITE HORTON 16 CANOE - NEW in 2017 we offer the  Armerlite-Canadier HORTON 16! Made for expeditions and recreational trips, combining a big load capacity with speed. Its length and the moderate rocker invite you to unhurried trips on flat water and calm rivers. Available as two and triple-seater.






















ENDURO 380 - the small brother of the 450. Shorter and more agile! A full-equipped touring kayak focussing on rivers.






















LOAD ASSIST FOR BARS WITH SUB-SLOT - As the new load assist sits behind the the bar, it is even more aerodynamic. Mounted under the bar, it is usable from both sides and enables you to load up to 6 kayaks. Available in different lengths to adapt it on the particular base support.
























Whitewater PFD "CURVE LINE" - Innovative and well thought-out new PFD, tailored for whitewater paddlers. Made of high-quality materials for a long useful life.

















DECK BAG DECKMASTER - We made the approved bag even better and added suspenders, so that you can now carry it as backpack, too.

















Dry Bag MASTERBAG - Our new line of dry bags. Made of sturdy and abrasion-resistant material, with detachable shoulder straps to carry it like a rucksack.

















Kayaks: Marlin LV Carbon Injection, Capri II, Flipper

Accessories: Barrels